Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Expired

How do u justify the things u do?
"Love" is your anthem
But this love u want
That love u seek takes 2.

See, I am no longer willing
I am not entering that place
You cannot force or humor
You cannot squeeze into my space

This that I have here...
This sanctuary is mine alone
I've worked, I've cried, I've died!
I've picked every brick of my new home!

No sir, don't come and complement
What took me years of pain 2 build
Don't think a few curtains, a vase,
Some flowers gets you on the field!

See, I've changed the court
A new scrimmage is getting played
Your time on the clock...
Has long expired, why you lookin' dazed?!

Don't act like you got caught
By surprise with no warning
You've been foulin', travelin', and
Ball-hoggin' for years, but it's a new morning

So take your game, your ball, your tricks
Take your plays and pep talks
And go find you a new team
'Cuz this here runner has called it quits!

Yeah, I've changed the court
A new scrimmage is getting played
Hell, I'm makin' my own sport altogether
Check for my name on jerseys being made!

So go on and retire yourself
From this court here, at least
You've got no more playin' time here
Don't step inbound 'cuz it only means defeat!

(c)2006 KNH

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