Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creation II

You are as the dark of midnight
How your ebony captures an eternity
A second draped in your deep embrace
Is a lifetime of peace and understanding

I float in the whirl of your
Crisp evening breath beneath me
And journey to unexplainable places within
As I stare into your white moonglow

Wrap me within your ebony silkness
And let me hear the sound of original life
Beat from within your chest the primordial
Drumbeat of Nubian ancients

Pharoahs and sages live in you
The wisdom of the Nile pulses
Through your veins and a Nation
Is born of your collective sigh

My prince, how you've been cursed
By the ignorant who blame you for their sins
Endless judgement falls upon you, but
I see you for what you truly are

See, out of the pitch black abyss
God brought forth life with a single sound
A universe begins and ends in your shadow
And the word of life is LOVE

For he so loved the world
He gave his only begotten Son
So that we may have LIFE
And LIFE... we CREATE... to honor Him!

So pour in me your lineage
I am the vessel for your afterlife!
This soil is tilled and fertile
This seed is ripe for growth!

The spirit of Kings and Queens
Await their rebirth into flesh
Let me bring forth your Kingdom
And crown you a Generation!

(c)2006 KNH

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