Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Creation: A Body of Experience

It is quite peculiar what 2 can create
What is 1 plus 1?
I tell you three
You, me, and we
I am, you are, and we become...
When we join
Our hands, minds, and souls
A body of experience
Created by the unity of two.
We are 1
For some time, linked in
Ritual, thought, and memory.
We are 1
Of a kind that I thought not to find
That which I only could imagine
And yet, not even perceive
Until now...
Of creating, teaching, reflecting and absorbing
With God, nature, and the universe.
And still, I am a foreigner
To all that your mind thinks
And memories know
At times, I am a mystery to you
And the path you travel
At times, we are distinct, but
Never have I been unattached
Never have I wandered
In unwanted isolation
Never have I cried out
To echoing canyons
Never have I known you not to be here
Because 1 plus 1

(c)2003 KNH

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